They aren't just for tables anymore.

Did you know that ReServe Cloud® reservations software is able to manage more than tables? Since its inception, our reservation system has been adapted for use across several unique markets. ReServe customers are utilizing our solution to book bocce courts, reserve bowling lanes, manage winery tasting appointments, schedule museum tours and much more. Oh yeah, and we can still manage your dining tables, as well.

ReServe's unique platform lets you define your assets (tables, courts, lanes, tasting appointments, tours, etc.) by activity type. Then, you can manage the inventory, establish turn rates and associate attributes which helps you accommodate guest requests. Combine that with a rich CRM tool and an integrated event management solution, and the relationship between Sales and Operations has never been more cohesive. Having everyone on the same page at the same time? It can happen; let us show you how!

dining reservation software
Reservations, online and on target.

No more pen and paper, static slot systems or costly transaction fees. With advanced or call-ahead online dining reservations, ReServe meets the unique needs of every user and guest.

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    Smart Reservation TechnologyTM. Maximize covers and optimize service with ReServe's dynamic reservation sheet that automatically calculates availability based on room-specific criteria including asset or table inventory, turn rates and maximum capacities.
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    No Transaction Fees. Take unlimited online reservations and NEVER pay transaction fees.
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    Multiple Venue Support. Manage separate reservation sheets for an unlimited number of venues.
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    Marketing Tools. Easily send e-mail confirmations and other personalized correspondence to guests, and effectively manage mass e-mail marketing campaigns.
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    Dynamic Reservation Book. Find, enter, edit, copy and move reservations. Collect important information about customers including their preferences, special dates, number of visits, no shows and cancellations, and record special instructions for personalized service.
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Events and reservations ...
now they're integrated.

Are you looking for a way to manage your private event locations that also use an inventory of tables, or other assets, for reservations? You may be interested to know that ReServe is the only hospitality management software that delivers a solution in one integrated program. Using your current methods, you book an event in a space that is also used for advanced reservations. Now, it is incumbent on you to ensure the assets have also been taken out of inventory in your reservations system. That's a second step that often gets forgotten, leading to double-bookings. In addition, event cancellations that don't get removed from the reservations system lead to lost revenue.

But what if your event management system was integrated with your reservations system? Well, in ReServe Cloud that's exactly how it works; assets you book for your event are automatically taken out of inventory within the reservations system, without any extra effort on your part. No more double-bookings, no more forgotten cancellations, ever!

With ReServe, you can have both an event management solution, architected around a process-driven design, AND a fully integrated reservations system. This system even accommodates unlimited online reservations to be captured from your website, without ANY transaction fees. Need an integrated floor management solution, too? Done.

table management software
Think that’s all? Think again.
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    Create professional reservation sheets, confirmation letters, cover count analyses, revenue summaries, detailed guest visit histories, and more.
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    Recognize and differentiate club member guests, track memberships and renewals.
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    Communicate reservation information to guests using SMS Texting.
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    Track referrals, establish incentive programs for concierges, share customized reservation widgets and short links on your website, social media and third-party marketing sites.
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    Limit access to features on a per-user and per-venue basis.
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    Rest assured with PCI Compliant Credit Card Processing.