Grow memberships.

Manage Membership Sales with ReServe’s rich CRM tool. Using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize sales and marketing, ReServe stores member data in one place, providing you with a single view of the member. Capture and collect information including preferences, spend history, event attendance, membership status, etc. Gaining these insights helps you to profile your member’s and prospective member’s behavior with a better understanding of what they are interested in, and equally important, what does not appeal to them. In addition, automated workflows assist the salesperson with managing the multiple tasks associated with selling new or upselling existing memberships.

Having all this data in one place allows you to analyze it collectively, spot trends, and therefore take effective action to improve your service and offerings. Now everyone is on the same page, all the time.

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    Contact Management. Have a complete view of your membership prospect pool, including activity history, communications, and internal discussions. With ReServe, you stay connected to the information you need to keep your finger on the pulse of your key contacts.
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    Lead Management. Track your leads from inquiry to conversion, while optimizing your efforts. ReServe helps you make smarter decisions about where to invest your marketing dollars, tracking campaigns and referrals.
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    Sales Performance Management. Set metrics-based goals, with up to date information on opportunities. ReServe makes Sales Forecasting fast, easy, and accurate, providing a real-time view into your forecasts, so you can stay on top of your business.
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    Make Insightful Decisions. From insight to action, there’s nothing more satisfying than turning data into actionable insight that everyone can access from anywhere. Dashboards offer a real-time picture of your business at a glance. Dig deeper with detailed reports that anyone can create. With ReServe, you access your reports and dashboards from anywhere, anytime.